"EFT is MAGIC! Four weeks ago, I was really struggling with emetophobia. On the day I found Liz, my one year old son had woken up with the stomach flu. I was beside myself with fear; doing the typical rituals that would keep me "safe." I wouldn't eat or sleep and my hands were raw from washing them so many times. At our first session, Liz made me feel so comfortable. She assured me my phobia was real and helped me feel that I wasn't crazy for being so scared. She has taught me skills and actionable steps to help me fight my phobia and the anxiety that comes with it. Since starting EFT, I have felt at peace with my phobia. The safety I sought in restricting my diet and  staying awake all night doesn't seem necessary anymore. I will forever be grateful for meeting Liz!"

Cambridge, Ohio

"Liz has been wonderful to work with because she understands what it is like for people with emetophobia and anxiety about sickness. Most mental health professionals don't seem to get it. I use the relaxation, positive thinking, and tapping techniques that Liz taught me whenever I feel my anxiety building." 


Dayton, Ohio

"Her presence and enthusiasm and complete focus created a safe and  compassionate place for me in which I could identify core issues that had become obstacles to my success in creating what I wanted in my life. I can recommend Liz as a loving guide on your own personal  transformation."


Columbia Station, Ohio

"Liz is professional, smart, but most of all kind and compassionate. I never felt awkward or embarrassed. She totally understood my issue and showed me how EFT could really help!"


Canton, Ohio

"Liz has helped me use EFT for my migraines, generalized anxiety and even specific issues at my work place. She has a natural gift of being able to capture the essence of my struggles into her tapping technique and makes me feel very comfortable during our time together. She has taught me simple methods that I can use on my own and can translate to any issue. I highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to improve their lives."


Columbus, Ohio

“I’m so grateful to have worked with Liz! She made me feel heard, understood and respected. She’s very professional but also shows compassion. Our sessions always flowed with such ease. In fact, I felt so safe with her that I would often join our sessions with no makeup and shed the occasional tears. This is challenging work we do for ourselves and I would recommend people see Liz to help guide  them!”

New Brunswick, Canada

"Liz is so calm and non-judgemental. She understood trichotillomania on a deep level, allowing me to dig into some very personal intricacies of how it affects me. Liz created tapping statements that were personalized to me! It felt like talk therapy and behavioral combined and it was so easy to learn and repeat at home. I'm so thankful I worked with Liz!

Franklin, TN

"Before I started sessions with Liz, I had been going to therapy for about a year and hadn't made any progress. I still picked my skin about every 5 days. Since my sessions with Liz, I have been able to reach 22 days without picking which hasn't happened in about two years! She taught me valuable skills to cope with my anxiety and fears. I have tried multiple techniques to stop me from skin picking, and EFT is the only thing that has helped me make this much progress! I am very grateful for my sessions with Liz. I recommend EFT to anyone struggling with pulling, picking or emetophobia."


Fresno, CA

"A truly unique therapy which feels a little bit like magic! I began speaking to (and tapping with) Liz for my brow and lash  pulling, and somehow in the process found forgiveness for years of  father abandonment, one of the biggest weights I've carried my adult  life. Tapping is a great tool to soothe and quiet the full body, all-encompassing tension and anxiety that comes with fighting  the urge to pull. Liz is great - compassionate, knowledgeable, and positive. It makes  a difference working with someone who has been through the same  struggles you have. Highly recommend!"


Stamford, CT

"Liz  is amazing! She is a unique blend of expert knowledge, empathy, and professionalism. Her personal experience and training mean that Liz leads you through the processes with compassion and insight. During our work together, we uncovered some important core issues and were able to work with and release energy around them them in a profound and graceful  manner that resulted in significant shifts for me. I recommend Liz to anybody who is looking to make a real change in their lives!"


Seattle, WA

"To say I was lucky to find  Liz would be an understatement. Although I was skeptical and deep down  inside I didn’t think this would work for me (I’ve been pulling my hair  for 30 yrs), I still gave it a shot. Other than more hair, I didn’t have  anything to lose. Low and behold, I stopped pulling after my 1st session (Dec. 17th). I was and still am flabbergasted that this worked  for me. I encourage anyone struggling to try EFT."

Hollywood, FL

"Working with Liz has made my life infinitely better in just a month.  What first attracted me is her understanding – it was so refreshing to  discuss emetophobia with someone who just “gets it.” She listens, she  focuses on the problem, and steers the meeting to directly address your needs. I was so enlightened to learn that  tapping has not only helped with my emetophobia, but can also be used to send positive energy to my day, tap away anxieties from other  annoyances in my life, and I can also teach my children how to tap! I finally am getting a good night’s sleep every night, have  found a method that actually calms down my anxiety, and feel so  empowered to take my life back. Thank you, Liz!"

Raleigh, NC